Saturday, July 7, 2012

My New Toy

I just got my first GPS. It was a spur of the moment purchase. It will come in handy if I ever finally go someplace new. I already know how to get to the grocery store, gas station, and Wal-Mart. (And on rarer occasions, McDonalds)

Now I have a disconnected voice telling me to turn right at the next intersection and proceed 500 feet to be at my destination. Don't know how I managed to find Krogers before GPS. After all I had to navigate three turns and travel close to a half mile from my home. You can't imagine how many times they had to send in the St. Bernards for my rescue. (Love that little barrel of booze hanging around their necks.)

I like the way my GPS can point out local establishments. I pushed the fast food button and noticed that among my choices was a Mr. Pita a few blocks over. That particular Mr. Pita has been closed for over two years. I guess my GPS doesn't keep current. It also lists several gas stations that have been long out of business.

On the other hand, I was curious on what directions it would give to the neighborhood saloon and tapped the appropriate icon. My favorite watering hole was not among the selections. Worried, I quickly drove the three blocks to find it still there. What a relief, for a moment I had thought the GPS knew something that I hadn't found out yet.

Back in my driveway I select the current location on the GPS. Apparently my home address has increased by 113 digits. I hope the post office is aware of this. I'd hate to have people send me money to the wrong address. (People haven't been sending me money but just in case...)

Yes, my spontaneous purchase of the GPS has proved to be both fun and frustrating. If only it could tell me where to locate the receipt so I can get my money back.

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