Friday, March 21, 2014

Modern Music and Me

Imagine if Marlon Brando and Burt Reynolds had a psychotic child together and you would have the lead singer from a band called Future Islands.  Don't take my word, view the clip from Letterman and judge for yourself (

I no longer listen to the radio, so the only input I have for the current music makers is from Letterman.  He's the only talk show I watch.  I DVR the Late Show and on the weekend I will watch the past week's shows.  I like it this way.  I can fast forward over the parts I dislike such as much of the opening monologue (he can be very repetitious with his jokes) and the guests I find boring.  I erase the shows after viewing.  All except the one with Future Islands.  I can listen to their song "Seasons" over and over, and enjoy the lead singer's angry dance each and every time.  So far no plans for erasure.

I also will notice interesting songs that are played in the background on other programs, but these are not necessarily new releases.  They feel new to me because I never heard them before.  As an example, I was watching "Legit" the other day and I really liked the song that ended the episode.  So thinking I made a new discovery  I hop on the internet and Google what lyrics I could remember.  I find the song, go to U-Tube and play it, making a note of the band name, and look up the band on Wikipedia.  Turns out the song was recorded ten years ago: "I Miss You" by Blink-182.  To me, this is a new song by some new band, but in reality it is well-known song by well-known band.  God, I am so old!

I can still name most of the bands from the 60's and 70's, and good amount from the 80's, but when it comes to the 90's and the 2000's, I get stymied. (Yes, Stymie was a little rascal but I mean stymied as in perplexed.)  It's like my mind can only hold so many band names and I reached the limit 20 years ago.  I can rattle off names like "13th Floor Elevators," "Blues Magoos," and "Bob Seger and the Last Heard" without breaking a sweat and give you their songs ("You're Gonna Miss Me," " We Ain't Got Nothing Yet" and "Persecution Smith"), but to give a name of a current band that I enjoy, I keep screwing up the band name. Is it "Toxic Airborne Event" or "Airborne Toxic Event?"  (I had to just go look that up, its the 1st one.)  I like their song about the graveyard... (hold on)

(okay, just got back from U-Tube) ...called "The Graveyard Near Your House" and the song "Changing."  (I recalled the "Changing" title without help!  Yay for me!)

I guess I should end this now.  I think I said all I intended.  I'll leave you with a old saying that I just made up: "You have to be an asshole to enjoy sodomy."

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