Saturday, December 25, 2010

Money For Sale

There is an ad on TV selling gold nickels for $9.95.  These replicate the buffalo nickel in every detail with the exception of the mint year which is 2011.  I don't see how this is possible.  If it is true United States currency, the value would be five cents.  If this is not U.S. currency, then these nickels are counterfeit.  In either case something is wrong here.  If this is a perfectly legal operation, then I should be able to use my photo copier to duplicate twenty dollar bills, and sell the copies for ten dollars each without ever stating that it is not legal tender.

For a limited time, John has opened his vaults and is presenting an opportunity for you to purchase crisp new twenty dollar bills for an unbelievable ten dollars apiece. You must act fast, there is only one ream of xerox twenties available, and they're going fast.  You will spend untold hours examining Thomas Sully's portrait of President Andrew Jackson etched with exquisite detail into each and every bill. The reverse side features the home of our U.S. Presidents, the White House.  Act today and send ten dollars for each Twenty.  Sorry, but the demand is so big, that we have to limit you to ten Twenties per order while supplies last. (shipping and handling charges are extra)

While writing this, another commercial caught my eye.  I can do better than the ten dollar nickel.  For that same ten bucks I can purchase, not one,but two U.S. Two Dollar bills!  Now that's a deal.  If I order the two dollar bills, I wonder if they would take a gold nickel as payment.  Or better still, I can use one of my photocopy twenties.  They go for ten simoleans also.

Yogi (Berra, the Yankee catcher, not the bear nor a master of yoga) had a saying about money.  I will leave you with it: A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore.

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