Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spouting Off

The longer I don't write, the harder it is to start up again. Never say I don't challenge myself.

So what have I been doing? I've been wondering what would happen if the Chinese declared the U.S. in fault to the loans. If they evict us, what other country would be willing to take in over 300 million people. Knock, knock, Mexico... Now, how do feel about putting up fences?

Here is an interesting fact: In the last forty years, there have been only two Presidents that had a surplus of money; more money taken in than what was spent. From his fourth year until the end of his office Clinton enabled the country to run at a surplus and George W. Bush inherited that surplus and kept it going for the first year and a half of his presidency. The two Presidents who increased the national debt the most are Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. In the entire history of the U.S.A. there has only been one President to wipe out the national debt. Can you guess who that might be? Here's a clue: Certain tribes of American Indians hate this President so much that they refuse to accept or use the currency that bares his picture. Do not guess George Washington because this country started out in debt. The First Continental Congress had to borrow money from France to finance the American Revolution. The ONLY President to pay off the national debt is pictured on the twenty dollar bill. If you still don't know who I am referring to, go ahead and look at a twenty. I'll wait.

Would you like a solution to America's woes? I have one but you won't like it. Increase the tariff on imported merchandise so that foreign goods will cost more than the same product made in America. Walmart's may go out of business but so what. There will be more than enough job openings in manufacturing and related fields to take in those displaced workers. Sure you will have to pay more for your jeans and DVDs, but you'll have a bigger paycheck to even out the inflation.

Also, we have to quit making gasoline powered cars. Why do we keep manufacturing vehicles that depend on a very limited source to run. Come on, people, this planet only has so much oil! Electricity can be created through solar panels, windmills, waterfalls... hell, you can even hand crank a generator to recharge batteries. I'd rather pay Edison an extra ten bucks a month to drive my car a thousand miles, than five bucks a gallon for every twenty miles. California already has public recharge stations to plug in your car. Detroit also has started building battery recharging depots. I know, hybrid vehicles already exist, we are easing away from gasoline. But not quick enough. All 2012 cars, mid-size and smaller, should run solely on electricity. The technology has been there for decades. Watch the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and shed a few tears.

The soapbox under my feet is starting to break. Guess I better get down before I fall flat on my face. I'll leave you with these parting queries: "Just how fast do hotcakes sell? Can I profit by setting up a pancake stand in front of my house?"


  1. I don't have a twenty dollar bill to look at. All of my money is digital.

  2. If the country went to all electric vehicles, I'd start to drive again.