Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's the End of the World...

I was watching a show on the Science Channel about the end of mankind. The seven ways the world will end was being discussed by the smartest people on the planet. Steven Hawking was of them. I was listening to his computerized voice and thought "Hawking was born in England, raised there, educated there, taught at Cambridge, and still resides in England to this very day. So why doesn't his computer voice have an English accent?"

Let's see if I can remember the seven ways the world could end.
1: Being hit by a meteor or asteroid.
2: Sun or nearby star burning out and radiating us with gamma rays. (For some reason when a star burns out, it emits powerful gamma rays.)
3: Super volcanic eruption. (There's a giant lava field underneath Iowa. If erupted, Iowa would be gone in minutes, and the rest of the world will fall like dominoes.)
4: Plague. (In the last 300 years, there has been a major plague every 30 years. We haven't had one since 1918. Way overdue.)
5: Melting polar caps would drown 90% of us.
6: Accidental or intentional nuclear war between USA and Russia is the most likely way all the scientists agreed.
7: Technology. Machines will become self aware, realize they are smarter than humans, and eliminate us. It is already impossible for a human to beat a computer at chess.

Then I thought about Roger Ebert. His computer voice is his old voice. So why doesn't Hawking's computer talk cockney?

By the way, the seven ways I listed is not in any particular order. The show counted down from seven to one, one being the most likely. I cannot recall the exact order. The only one I am positive about is the number one way: Nuclear war. These brains were pretty specific about the USA and Russia wiping out the planet. Together we have enough nuclear bombs to wipe out eight billion people. There are only six billion on the planet. Other countries that have nuclear capabilities do not possess enough weapons to kill the earth.

I wonder who constructed Hawking's computer voice. Was it made in the USA? Or perhaps a visiting American programmed it while over in Great Briton. I mean if we can have Joe Pesci's voice in our automobile's GPS system, then Hawking should have a Brit's voice coming out his wheelchair.

Anyway, after watching the TV Show about the end of man, I went to bed. I did not sleep very well. I don't know what worried me more. The thought about a nuclear ending or the state of Hawking's computer voice. In either case, work needs to be done to correct the situation.

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