Monday, January 6, 2014

Oxford-English Dictionary, New Inclusions On The Way

I have been listening to old music from T-Rex.  Particularly "Jeepster."  I like the song a lot but I have to admit that I do not know what a "jeepster" could be.  "Girl, I'm just a jeepster for your love."  Thus began my quest to discover the meaning behind "Jeepster."  (Be advised, this is a short quest, nothing like the search for the Holy Grail.)

First I requested the meaning from and received this reply:
No results found for jeepster:
Did you meankeester

No, I do not mean keester.

My next stop on the internet highway was Wikipedia, and Wikipedia informed me that I am searching for info about a Willy-Overland Jeepster that was "an automobile originally produced by Willys-Overland Motors from 1948 to 1950. It was the last true phaeton produced by a major automaker."

Did Mark Bolan believe he was this car?  He may have, but I doubt it.

Next stop was where the first meaning quotes the lyrics to the T-Rex song and the second meaning was:

2. Jeepster 
a charming average guy, who is willing to go anywhere for the object of his affection---namely, a "jaguar" (a "jaguar" is a super hot girl).

This I liked.  Yet, it made me think that Mark Bolan (the songwriter of "Jeepster") simply made up the word.  And why not.  New words, or new meanings to existing words have to come from someplace.  Armed with this revelation I turned to Linda and said "I will always pillawfullaw (pē-LAW-fû-law) your beanderbach (BĒ­­­­­­-and-der-bách)."  She may not have understood the words, but I knew she could feel the emotion behind my proclamation.

So, men, if you want to make your lady feel extremely special, you're welcome to plagiarize me.  Tell her you will always pillawfullaw her beanderbach!  And be sure to emphasize passion while saying it. 

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