Saturday, February 8, 2014

And In This Corner, Mia

A divide has happened.  Females 40 and younger vs. Males of all ages.  In the 1950's is was Elvis or Pat Boone.  In the 1960's it was the Beatles vs. Rolling Stones.  In the 1970's it was Coke or Pepsi.  In the 1980's it was Mac or DOS.  1990's had O.J., a framed innocent or a murderer.  The 2000's George W or anybody else.  Which brings us to today.  Today we have Mia vs. Woody.  If you are a female 40 years or younger, chances are you on the side of Mia and Dylan.  Older men are on the side of Woody and Dylan.

What?  How can both sides be for Dylan?  Well, if her accusations are true, then good for her for speaking out.  If her accusations are false memories implanted by Mia Farrow and Dylan believes them to be true, then good for her for speaking out.  Child molestation should never be kept secret.

I've been digging up old articles from the 1990's when this crime supposedly was committed.  From all that I have read, I am apt to think that Mia subjected her child to brain washing.  We will never know 100% either way.  But there is one article that I want to bring up. Did you know that because of Woody and Mia's joint adoptions, it has made it possible for unmarried people (both straight and gay) to adopt children  So they did do something good together.  Who would've thunk?

The following is a quote from the attorney who put through the adoption.  It comes after Woody and Mia called it quits.

Because the court did not write and publish a decision, the magnitude of the case was not immediately appreciated.  At the time, attorney Weltz had ambitions no greater than to legalize the care of two children in a solid, if unconventional, family. "It was the happiest day I ever had in court," he says. "A wonderful event. The judge gave the kids lollipops." But ask Weltz how he feels now, after the family has been riven by charges of betrayal and abuse, and he sounds like a morose King Solomon -- one who cunningly offered to split a child in two only to hear both putative parents say that was fine with them. He muses, "I knew not what we had done."

As far as Mia vs Woody, Woody may try to leave it in the past but it looks to me like Mia will keep jumping on that crusted up dog crap to release the pungent odor anew.

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