Friday, February 21, 2014

No News Like New News

The "Fantastic Four" movie has been cast, and the big argument is over Johnny Storm's color.  How can a white Susan Storm have a black brother?  To find the answer you can ask Angelina Jolie's kids.  As long as Sue doesn't need a kidney transplant, there should be no problem.   There are also rumor's that Doctor Doom will be a Victoria instead of a Victor.  AND.. the filming will be done in Louisiana, a fine substitute for New York City.  None of this matters.  The important thing is that the licensing for the Fantastic Four remains in the hands of Fox Studios and not revert back to Marvel Comics. So anyone hoping to find an "Avengers/Fantastic Four Team-Up" movie in the future can begin their disappointment now.  Enough about that.  Back to other news...

Obama meeting the Dalai Lama is getting China upset.  Hope they don't get so mad as to call in their loans.  I doubt if we have the bucks to pay them back.  I'd hate to see America foreclosed.  I don't have anyplace to sleep in Canada and Mexico is too far away.

Steve Jobs will be commemorated on a postage stamp.  It's too bad that he was one of the people responsible for making snail mail obsolete.  Putting Jobs face on your letters, is like the American Lung Association endorsing Camel Filters.

Hope you don't have any Detroit Municipal Bonds.  Their value will be reduced up to 80%.  Also former Detroit employees collecting retirement benefits can look forward to a big reduction.  Detroit has an eighteen
billion dollar debt and this is the plan to get people to invest in the city again.  Well, you can't say Detroit doesn't thrive to be number one.  In the 1950's Detroit was the wealthiest major city in America.  In the 2010's it is the poorest.   Way to show those extremes!

The Winter Olympics in Sochi surprised me when the gold for curling went to Canada.  I had thought the Zimbabwe sliders and sweepers would take it until I found out Zimbabwe only had one Olympic participant.  Come on, Zimbabwe, you can do better!

(Okay, let's see if I covered everything...  Entertainment?  Yep!  Politics?  You betcha!  National and Local News?  Got both!  Sports?  Yessirree!  Weather?   Oops....)

Today we will have some weather, whether you want it or not.  Most of the weather will be outside.

So that's it.  Goodbye, until the next time.

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