Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Start of My Blog

These are the first words I am typing on my blog. It is so exciting. Who knows what wonderful meaningful words I will share. I don't, and I'm the one writing them. I may even come up with the cure for cancer (or perhaps a new recipe for egg salad) as I pour out my inner soul. I understand that pouring out your inner soul is mandatory for blogs. I'm not sure that I like that idea very much. Does that mean I have to shine up my blackened soul to continue. I don't know if my soul has truly been blackened, it is what I have been told by my ex-wife.

Anyways, I have found myself on a second paragraph. I wonder if it is permissable to go back and edit the first paragraph after you have begun the second. I better not dare. I don't want to violate some blog etiquette and be fined or have my blog taken away. Are there blog police? I have read some very disturbing blogs in the past. If the blog police exist, then I was there before them. One blog I found extremely upsetting was claiming that Howdy Doody was a pedophile. Little children covered in sawdust. Yuck.

I don't want to write too much for this first post. I keep thinking I will be asked for money by the good people of blogger dot com. If that happens, then these words you will never read. I believe blogs are to let the world at large know what you are doing at any given moment. So at 3:11 pm (E.S.T.) on February 17, 2010, I am typing on my computer for this post. Afterwards, I will be examining this post to see if it does exist and how many typing and gramatical errors I have made.

I will return (providing I remember how to get here).

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