Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday the 26th of February, 2010

Today is the last Friday of the month. There were only four this month. Five Fridays in February occur once every 28 years. The last time five happened was in 2008. It will not happen again until 2036. Make sure to make a note.

If you are interested in saving money, you can reuse calenders every 28 years. If you still have your 1982 calender, it is valid again this year. If not, then be sure to save this year's calender and use it again in 2038. For those of you born in 1926, 1954, or 1982, whatever day your birthday is this year, it is the same day you were born on.

To be completely accurate, in 2100 there will be no extra day in February, so the calender from 28 years earlier in 2072 will not work. Leap days are inserted every four years except on the centenial, the 100 year division. But wait, you say, the year 2000 had a February 29th! The reason is because it was a millenium, a 1000 year division. All this was figured out by a gang of monks called Gregorians. They calculated exactly how long it takes the earth to travel a complete rotation around the sun. The problem was that it was not an even 365 days. There were about six hours light. Those six hours every four years demand an extra day. The about part means it is not quite six hours so every 100 years they skip adding a day. Unfortunately that works for about 1000 years and then to even it all up, we forego the skip.

Does any of this really matter? I find it interesting, but with the planet supposedly ending in 2012, the only creatures left will be cockroaches and they could care less about the Gregorian calender. They're still on dinosaur time.

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