Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Stuff

This is the month of the brides. Why do you think "June Brides" has become the epoch of wedding ceremonies? The only other month that has a bride association is December. A December Bride is considered a last resort wedding for an old maid, so I don't believe that title is in demand. No, the June Bride is what young ladies strive to be. I wonder if this has anything to do with Spring Fever completing its cycle. "You participated in Spring Fever, now you must pay the piper. And quickly, before it shows." Do you think shotgun weddings are more prevalent for June grooms?

Here's a bit of wedding trivia for you. In China, brides wear red. It's considered good luck. They must not realize that it's bad luck to be superstitious?

Of course, "Spring Fever" is winding down in June. It is not officially over until June 21st, the first day of summer. Yet it is the end of September, beginning of October that has the highest birth rates. It seems the most popular day for conception is New Year's Eve. Nowhere near spring or it's fever. "Happy New Year!" Too late to put "always use a condom" on your resolution list.

There is also "June Gloom." But unless you are familiar with California, you may not be knowledgeable on this. June Gloom is also called Gray May. This has to do with when it appears. It is a overcast condition in the weather of Southern California caused by cooling of the clouds often resulting in rain.

The only other June examples I can think of are women: June Cleaver, June Allyson, June Taylor (and the June Taylor Dancers), June Carter Cash, June Lockhart, and June Wayne. June Wayne is an California artist, still alive at 92, and not to be confused with John Wayne, although they both have similar walks. (I should use the past tense for John Wayne. He is dead and does not walk around much anymore.)

Well that's all I have to say about June. Next month is July (unless called off) and I'll be discussing firecrackers and giving Bar-B-Q tips. I will explain how if you use the right amount of powder in your fireworks, you can have a wonderful show while flash frying your burgers. Oohs and ahhs await.

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