Sunday, May 30, 2010

Exercise Update

On the last episode of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show," a line of dialogue was directed at Ted Baxter, portrayed by Ted Knight. This is not an exact quote. I am relying on my memory and I am lucky to remember the 1970's at all. So I will be paraphrasing. Here is the setup, and then the line. Ted Baxter was a outragious brown-noser. In the last episode, he went against type and spoke up for the underdogs who were being fired. He realized he was risking his own job and quickly renigged. When he questions why nobody is saying anything about his taking back his brave outburst, he is told, "Ted, when you see a jackass fly, it's amazing. You don't complain because he doesn't stay in the air long enough."

Which brings me to me. (One of my favorite subjects) If you are interested, or even if you are not, I just got back from riding the bike and I may have lost another 30 or 40 pounds. The big thing that happened this time is that I was able to peddle along without holding onto the handlebars. I must have went seven or eight feet before having to regrasp the grips. (The bike had started to shake violently.) But the important thing here, is that I did travel by balance alone for a tiny bit. Hey, the Wright brothers first flight wasn't across the Atlantic. It's called "baby steps."

I can see myself in the near future doing my 10 mile ride without using my hands at all. In fact, I may get so good that I won't even need the bike. I'll use my car. That way I can be in air conditioning comfort while losing weight. Why didn't I think of this before. I could do more than 10 miles with a car. If I took the car for hundred mile drives, I would be fit and trim in no time. I should celebrate this idea with a couple cheeseburgers and a six-pack of Bud. Being weight conscience like I am, I will make that Bud Light.

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