Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Subject

Once again I type out words without the slightest notion for a topic. This is Wednesday. This is at night. This is boring. Not boring in a drill bit sort of way, although that may be more fun. Doctors used to bore holes in the heads of mental patients to let out the demons. I wonder why they never considered that the holes they drilled might be presenting an opportunity for demons to get in. Another fun fact about doctoring is bloodletting. When people felt sick they would have a doctor cut them and have the sick blood drained out. Bloodletting became so popular that the doctors could not handle all the cases presented. They contracted out their bloodletting duties to free up more time for amputations and head drilling. The contracts went to the barbers. Cut your arm along with your hair. This is why barber poles are white with a red stripe swirling around and down; to symbolize a bloodletting specialist.

I am running out of thoughts.

I wonder how fast a person thinks. Is there a way to time a thought? When I write, my thought process is in sentences, yet when I am not writing, I think in complete ideas. For instance; when I am hungry I visualize a sandwich and picture the items for its creation all at once. I never think out the process "I will go in the kitchen and take two slices of bread..." When I recollect an incident from my past I see the entire event all at once. When I tell someone about an incident from my past I regress the incident into a time line and form complete sentences in my head before speaking them.

Another thing I am curious about is if I see the same colors as everyone else. If all my colors are reverse from your colors, how would I ever know. What you see as red may appear green to me, but I have always known it as the color red.

I have seen many car accidents during my life. Yet the only time I have seen a car explode into flames is on TV or the silver screen. Someday I will have to get an old junker of a vehicle, find myself a cliff and push the car off. According to the movies and television, vehicles that go over cliffs always ignite into a fireball. I've got to see this happen, at least once, before I die.

Speaking about movies, why is it when the phone rings, the person answering waits for the caller to say the first words? This doesn't happen that much nowadays, but take a look at some old movies and you'll see what I mean. Also, in the movies, when someone calls someone else, if the phone isn't answered before the second ring, it goes to voice mail. Who in their right mind has their phone go to voice mail after only one ring?

This exercise in blathering is almost over.

Mitch Miller died last week. He was 99 years old. I thought he had been dead for decades. I was wrong. All these years gone that I could have sung along with Mitch. Now it is too late. I guess I am doomed to never learn all the words to "You Are My Sunshine" and "Oh, Susanna."

Well its time for me to "follow the bouncing ball" out of here.

Hopefully, next time I will have a topic. TTFN

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