Monday, August 9, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

I had an idea but its gone.


How is it possible to forget? If the information is stored in the brain, why is it not always accessible? Is there a glitch in the thinking process? Some sort of loose connection that only works part of the time. What if something major is forgotten? What if I go swimming and forget how to hold my breath? I have forgotten to eat. Is it possible to forget eating long enough to starve to death? That would be a big whoops. If it is a loose circuit in my cranium, can it be repaired? I would like to have everything I ever learned to be available at any given moment.


Total recall would be wonderful. The ability not the movie. Although I did like it when Arnold's eyes bugged out. Did you know they are doing a remake? I can't imagine a better version than the one with the Governator. Do they still call Schwarzenegger that? I see that he's in a new movie with Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone. It's getting good reviews already and it hasn't been released yet. The movie critics must get advance screenings. Either that or they decide if a movie is any good by its trailers. That would be great career. To get paid to see the latest flicks and say what you think about them. My opinion is as good as anyone else. I even had a class in "Cinema." I got an "A+." So I know a lot of the technical jargon. Here's some terms for you to ponder: Dolly Shot, Pan Shot, Sync Sound, Superimposition. Three points for anyone who can correctly relate what those terms mean.


Here's a money making idea for the next Christmas season: Mistletoe belt buckles!


In case you're curious about my typing "pause" every so often, it's because a significant amount of time has passed since my last words. It is not an instruction for the reader. You do not have to pause because I did. You can read straight through.


Just watched a bit of the telly. "Rules of Engagement" is on. I have only watched this show two or three times. This is a repeat of one of those times. What are the odds of that happening? 13 to 1. I just figured that out as I was asking it. If there has been 26 episodes and I have seen two, then the odds of my random viewing a repeat is 26 to 2 which is 13 to 1. A mathe-freaking-matical genius I am.

I just remembered that I forgot to make a drink for myself. I am debating whether to keep typing or start tonight's inebriation. If this ends suddenly, then you will know what happened. I don't have to make a drink. I just have to pour one out. Tonight's lubrication is amaretto on ice. A frugal elixir that I enjoy as a change of pace. I generally consume Bacardi and coke with a lemon wedge. On rare occasions I will dabble in tequila, either with salt and lemon or with orange juice and grenadine. Beer once in a while and wine every now and then. After all variety is the spice of life.

Well, I made myself salivate... Gotta go. Good night.

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