Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Subject

Anyone know how to restore the shine to a halo?  Mines been kind of dingy lately.  Hardly any glow to it at all.  At first I thought the batteries had died, but it doesn't use batteries.  I don't know what powers the thing.  Plus when I wear it, it wobbles over my head.  It shouldn't do that.  There is something definitely wrong with it.


In the news:
Texas students can now legally carry concealed weapons on campus.  Betcha the instructors think twice before handing out grades.

World Health Organization says cell phone usage may be linked to cancer.  Who would have thought that that crazy old drunk at the end of the bar had this right all along.

Steve Martin sells forged artwork.  Apparently the purchaser did not have Steve's sense of humor.  "Well, excuuuuuuse me."


Yesterday was memorial.  Only got partially schnockered.  Attended a barbecue and it turned out that I was the main course for every mosquito in Macomb County.  Its hard to concentrate on drinking when you're being constantly bitten.  But other than being itchy for over the past 24 hours, I must say it was a good time with some good friends.


"America's Got Talent" returns tonight.  The very first act of the first show has a unicyclist molesting Howie Mandel's head.  Left him speechless.  Hope the rest of the season turns out to be this funny.  Well, I'm gonna watch the rest, so bye bye for now.

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