Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Commercial Interruption

Have you seen the commercial where the couple comes home to discover that their house has been robbed?  The only thing the thieves did not take was their computer.  So instead of replacing the stolen items, they buy a new computer.  This is like if you are hungry, instead of buying food, you buy new silverware.

Another commercial that bothers me is McDonald's Big Mac ad.  Did they find actors that are incredibly small to hold their burger?  This thing looks monstrous in size.  When has anyone ever struggled with two hands to hold a Big Mac?  The commercial shows enough sandwich there to feed a small community and have plenty left over to fill compost heaps for several farms.  Would you like to star in a "Micky D" spot?  Are you an adult under three feet tall and proportioned normally?

Wendy's has a commercial proclaiming their fries to have sea salt.  Table salt is mined from the earth.  It is treated to remove impurities and prevent clumping.  Sea salt is from seawater evaporated.  The collected salt has no further treatment.  So if you want your salt to have traces of decomposed sea creatures, fish urine, squid ink, lobster feces, and assorted dregs and droppings amongst many other ingredients, choose Wendy's French Fries. now made with sea salt.

Verizon has an ad for its new 4G phone.  They show this guy hauling heavy gage cabling across rooftops during an electrical storm.  Lightning strikes the cables and the voltage races through the cabling to the 4G phone.  This may be an exciting new phone, but recharging it is a bitch.

In the Detroit area, there is a commercial starring Mort Crim for Magic Windows.  Mort Crim is the Dolph Lundgren of local news.  Mort demonstrates the strength of Plexiglas compared to plastic by standing on Plexiglas.  The fact that the Plexiglas holds Mort weight is not as amazing as the fact that Mort can keep his balance perched eight inches above the floor.

Another commercial is for Planet Fitness where an employee is showing the gym to a giant musclebound doofus.  In an oafish Schwarzenegger accent, this character keeps repeating, "I pick things up. I put them down."  This commercial is so idiotic, you can't help repeating the catch phrase with your friends.  If you don't know this commercial, look it up on YouTube.  It will be worth a gander or two.

Okay, that's it for now.


  1. Ahhh...but the best one on TV in my view is the cute dancing elephant in the GE ads. Of course, ending it with the elephant dancing into a rainforest is not a very subtle way of saying, "we care about the environment"! Right. Got me hooked.

  2. i just want to know why they see us as idoits ?? i guess because we buy their items after all....

  3. It's a gimmick of business people to market their products