Thursday, April 22, 2010


My x kxy has quit working propxrly. Instxad of typing an x, I gxt an x! This can bx vxry inconvxnixnt. X is vxry important in writing. Xvxn thx othxr x is usxfull. I should havx both x and x if I plan to continux. Givx mx a minutx and I will try to fix this problxm.


Okay, I think I got it going. t3sting, on3, two, thr33. Hmmm... Am I g3tting disl3xic or is my 3 backwards? Giv3 m3 anoth3r minut3.


testxng, one, two, three. Good. X fxxed xt. Waxt a mxnute. My e xs workxng but now my x xs not. Another mxnute, please.


txstxng, xnx, twx, thrxx. Nxt gxxd. Xnx mxrx mxnxtx.


testing, one, two, three. Hey, I got it! Okay, now for the blog.


Nevermind, I'm too tired to write right now.

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