Sunday, April 18, 2010


I like potatoes. I like 'em fried. I like 'em baked. I like 'em mashed. I like 'em mashed with cheddar cheese mixed in. I like 'em roasted. I like potato chips. I like shoe string potatoes. I even like Pringles, an imitation potato chip. I cannot think of a single potato recipe that I don't like. And I'm not even Irish.

I use to be Irish but I gave it up. I couldn't go for the whole leprechaun thing. Sure, it would be nice to track a leprechaun to his pot 'o gold and then steal it. But what would happen to rainbows without a place to anchor? All actions have consequences. When their children ask what became of all the rainbows, I don't want to be the guy mothers point to and say, "Ask that greedy bastard!"

So I gave up being Irish, but not my love of potatoes. Potatoes with cheese! Lovely combination. Even cheese flavord Pringles, that imitation potato chip with imitation cheese flavoring, tastes wonderful. I wonder why they decided to make imitation food that tastes exactly like the food its imitating. Seems much simpler just to use the original food.

And what about lemon Pledge? Is this a furniture polish, or a summer drink? And how about all the flavors they put in dish soap, it's stupifying. "My dishes prefer the taste of strawberry dish soap. They were on a blueberry kick for a while, then tried some orange flavored stuff, and now they refuse to be cleaned by anything that isn't strawberry. My dishes can be pretty picky."

Washing my hair the other day, I accidently got a taste of my "Green Apple Shampoo." You know, it would be pretty good if they get rid of that soapy taste. Now my conditioner, a delicious citrus combination, I could drink all day long. It goes good washing down my mint flavored shaving cream.

I wonder if someone will come out with a potato flavored bar of bath soap...

...with cheese, please.

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