Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dabbling in the Future

This is a new discovery for me. It seems that if I have opened a "New Post" for my blog and then decide not to write anything and close the page. If, at a later time, I open my blog again and select "Edit Posts," there will be an entry for the post in which I wrote nothing. I can then enter my usual nonsense in this spot, click "Publish," and the post shows up under the date that I first opened it.

As an example, this post will show up dated as May 4th, but in reality I am writing this on May 16th. So I could pretend to predict that "On the May 15th Tiger home game against the Boston Red Sox, the Tigers will be losing 6-1 up until the 8th inning where they will tie up the score. The game will go into extra innings and in the bottom of the 12th, the Tigers will load the bases and Boston will walk in the winning run."

Now if you check today's sports pages, you will see that is exactly what happened. You will be saying, "Oh my God, John must be some kind of psychic. I better send him some money so he will predict my future." And you wouldn't be wrong to do so. Send me money, and I will predict your future. Or if you like, I will predict your future right now for free. Okay, are you ready for this. This can be considered a "spoiler alert," so if you do not want to know your future, do not read any further. Alright, here goes: "I predict that no matter what you do to try to change the outcome, that at the end of your life you will die."

Sorry, if I don't always bring happy tidings.

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