Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trying to get back on track

Whoa! Where have I been? Haven't been here for awhile. But just in case the police ask, I was with you. We were in...



Yeah! Seclusion!
That's right. We were in seclusion where we couldn't be reached by phone or St. Bernard or Canadian Mounties. Yeah, that sounds good. Okay, let's practice this. We were in Seclusion, Montana, at the height of the dental floss gathering season. Remember Frank Zappa and how we promised to move to Montana and be dental floss tycoons? (Seclusion, Montana is right next door to Paradise Falls, where demoted angels hang out at road side diners.)
If you're not getting any of this, then listen to the "Over-Nite Sensation" CD by Frank Zappa, and watch the movie "Legion."

Frank Zappa is dead. And since I'm speaking of dead Franks, guess what famous Frank died this last week? Frank Frazetta. This is a real shame. He was one of my childhood idols. I still admired him as an adult, but his real influence on me was in the 1960's. Frank Frazetta, for those of you who do not recognize his name, was the greatest illustrator of all genres of front cover artwork; be it comic book, magazine, or paperback; fantasy, horror, humor, or voluptuous vixens. The following is one of his illustrations:

If the style looks familiar, then you probably have seen his art duplicated on one of the millions of vans that drove over this planet's highway systems from the 1970's on. You may have been inside one or even owned one yourself.

And if you happen to own a Frank Frazetta original piece of artwork, then I am happy to inform you that your investment just went through the roof. If you would like, you can send the artwork to me and I'll give an appraisal. If it is an original, then I will be sorry to tell you that the artwork you have sent me was lost in the mail. Hope you had it insured.

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