Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Florida Distraction

I have been thinking...

(Whoa, you can't teach an old dog new tricks!)


(Are you really determined to continue in this line?)


(All right, apparently you are going through with this. So when is your when?)

...I was in Florida.

(About time you finished that sentence. You got another?)

Here is a fact. If you were to go to Disney World in Orlando and were to ask to see their sign-in book of the first visitors from Michigan, the very first name would be mine. Amazing isn't it? I am the very first person from Michigan to ever step foot in Disney World.

(That's not 100% true, is it?)

Not Disney World as it is today, but several months before it opened in 1971, my friend and I entered the Disney World Preview Center and signed their Michigan Guest Book. My signature was numero uno.

Durring Easter break of my senoir year of high school, my friends and I had a race to see who could hitchhike to Florida fastest. We were in three teams of two. We decided to meet up at Disney World, which had just announced their opening of their preview center. My partner and I won.

In fact, we got there so far in front of the others that, in order to kill time, we filled out applications for employment and went through the interview process. Disney World hired us for park maintenance.

(You mean sweeping up mouse shit?)

We were suppose to take physicals for the job. Instead, we met our other friends and continued on to Daytona Beach.

(What? That's it? Not a very good Disney World story.)

But while we were still in Orlando, we sold some blood to have extra party money.

(To Disney?)

NO! Quit interrupting! We sold blood to the Orlando Blood Bank.

(Yeah right. To have "extra party money." Now you're gonna say you partied with Walt himself...)

NO! Walt was dead already. We partied in Daytona!

(With Mickey and Donald?)

Don't be ridiculous. They're fictional charactors.

(You're a fictional charactor!)

I am not! Will you shut the hell up?!!!

(Make me.)

DAMMIT. Sorry, folks, but I have to end this now. I have to have a talk with my super-ego.

(Oh, so now you have a secret identity?)


(Did you spend your blood money on super powers?)

Look, there are three of us; id, ego, and super ego. You are the super ego.

(Well if I'm the super ego, then I get to do what I want. And I don't want to talk to you anymore.)

You have no choice. All three of us exist simultaneously.

(Can't hear you.)

I said...

(CAN'T HEAR YOU. CAN'T HEAR YOU. No, no, no. No, no, no.)

I'll be back once I get myself under control.

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