Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chicken Racing

I was driving down a country road, doing about 40 mph, when a chicken appeared and was running along side my car. I was amazed at how fast this chicken was running. I noticed something peculiar about the bird; it had three legs. I hit gas and accelerated to 55 mph. The chicken kept up. I did 80 and so did the chicken. This was extraordinary. Before I could go any faster, the chicken passed me and was leaving my car in its dust. It was a dot in the distance when I saw it turn right and up to a farm. I had to find out about this creature. A minute later I turned down the long drive towards the farm. A farmer was standing outside his barn and waved me down. I stopped my car next to the farmer.

"Bet you're following my chicken," he said.

"Yes, I was. Was my eyes playing tricks or did that chicken have three legs?"

"Indeed she does. It took years of breeding to produce a three legged bird."

"You planned that? Why?"

The farmer said, "You married?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Do you ever have chicken for dinner?"

"On occasion."

"Do you like the drumstick?"


"Does your wife like a drumstick?"

She does and I told him so.

"Well, suppose you're having dinner and you both have a drumstick. That works out okay. But what if you have a guest over. He may want a drumstick also. That's why I bred a three legged bird. To have an extra just in case."

"Really," I exclaimed. "That's astounding. Does the drumsticks from the three legger taste as good as a two legged chicken?"

"I haven't tried one yet."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Can't catch 'em."

(If you like this joke, thank you. If not, blame Buddy Hackett. I stole it from him.)

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