Monday, January 17, 2011

Solitude and Dreams

Linda left today. She went to visit her daughter in Omaha. I stayed behind because I am attending classes. For the next 16 days I can do what I want without fear of repercussion. I can drink milk right out of the carton. Leave the seat up on the toilet. I don't have to tippy toe around to keep from waking her up. I can put on whatever TV channel I want without compromise or consequence.

I just hope I remember to feed and water the dog. I'd never hear the end of it. Now that I mention it, I better let Roxy back in the house. She's been scratching at the door all afternoon. She's been out long enough to cover the next two weeks. I can check the "Done" box for that chore.

I heard the craziest thing yesterday. Scientists are breeding the DNA of spiders into goats. The milk you get from these spider-goats can be made into silk threads. This goat-silk is stronger material than steel or Kevlar. Yet is only one tenth as strong as pure spider silk. Looks like they're gonna have to amp up the spider DNA in the goats. Right now they look like regular goats, but I can imagine the future eight legged goats with pincers where its chin whiskers use to be.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's inauguration. Seven out of ten Americans were not alive when this happened. Isn't that fascinating? If you remember JFK taking the reins of the presidency, then you're on the short list. If I understand this fact right, then every seven years ten percent of the population is replaced.

Speaking of famous people. Today is MLK day. I did my part; I had a dream. I have dreams every night. I don't recall the majority of them. It seems that the only ones that stick in my mind are the bad ones. In one nightmare, I was walking down a dark tree lined street and some kind of creature was stalking me. Every time I turned around to face it, it would duck behind a tree. It wanted to jump or claw my back. If I kept turning around, it wouldn't attack. But I was getting dizzy from all the spinning and was ready to collapse. I never seen what the creature looked like, if was animal or demon I don't know. I was scared of the unknown. When I finally fell down in my dream, I had also fallen out of bed. I awoke with a cold sweat. I can remember this nightmare in detail. That was almost fifty years ago. Yet I can't recall what I dreamt last night. So it goes.

Did you ever have that dream where you're eating your pillow? And when you wake up, you find your giant marshmallow is gone.

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