Saturday, January 15, 2011

Household Tips

I enjoy watching the DIY channel. I have mentioned this before. As I was watching today, a guy hurt his fingers with a hammer, and I thought of a helpful tip to avoid this happening.

I use to hold a nail with the fingers of my left hand and hammer with my right. The harder you hit the nail, the tighter it goes in. The more hits, the looser the nail goes in. So I would try to hit the head of the nail with all my might. If you ever felt the land quiver, that was me hammering. Anyway, on occasion I would miss the nail and wallop my fingers. One time is too many times; I did this too many too many times. Finally I figured a way to save my fingers. This works, I guarantee it. Before hammering, crazy glue the nail to the head of the hammer. You can slam that nail in as hard as you can without worry of personal injury. Of course, the bigger the project, the more hammers you will need.

Another tip I can relay is how to winterize your home for mere pennies. If you have a back yard, you can dig up a wheel barrow or two of dirt and add water. This will create a substance I call "John's Home-made Window Sealer." You must add enough water to the dirt to create a batter the consistency of peanut butter. Take this batter and amply apply it both inside and outside the edges of all your windows. You can also use this substance to seal doorways. Just be sure you do not need to use that door anytime soon.

One last tip. I use to be plagued by bills. I hated getting them. Electric, gas, water, mortgage... and so on. Well, I am trying something out right now that seems to be working. Last month I crazy glued my mail box shut. I haven't had a bill since. Crazy glue is really wonderful stuff.

I will keep sharing tips in future posts. Bye for now.

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